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Re: [turbobike] EFI throttle bodies

Lorcan Parnell (lorcan@mail.globalnet.co.uk)
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 09:01:21 +0100


The ECU was about 650, the dyno control box (has knobs to adjust the
fueling on the fly in dyno mode for use on a brake dyno) was 200, plus a
few other bits, so figure on $1600. The system can use almost any throttle
bodies, injectors etc but is a little fussy about the sensors  - i ended up
replacing all of mine for the ones DTA recommend.
BTW I also know of several people who never got their RB Racing systems.


Rick, have you *actually* recorded 350hp on the dyno yet?

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>I checked out the DTA web site and the system looks good has lot of fetures
>they have no prices on the web do have any idea what the systems cost
>to bad they have no us distibutor or I might think of tring one of there