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Re: [turbobike] jet kit for turbo carbs

Wed, 14 Apr 1999 21:15:04 EDT

In a message dated 4/13/99 11:38:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
gixx1100@yahoo.com writes:

<< Now what's the secret behind jetting the stock cv carbs with a turbo?!I
 haven't been able to get some real info on what people are using to do
 this....is it some kind of jet kit?Who makes the heavier
 springs,needles,jets.Everyone is saying that these parts where modified
 to work?Can someone give me some real info about this???This has been
 tormenting me for the last few nights!My friend says don't bother with
 carbs.Christer seems to have this system running really well.Will the
 bike idle properly?
 Thank guys :) >>

I used 2 sets of springs in my CV carbs to keep the slides from flying 
open.As far as needles I am still using dynojets but i dont think they are 
optimal.For jets I think its factory that makes up to a 250 main so you can 
get them.I just drilled mine out for now and for fine tuning I will get the 
correct jets.I have no problem with idle.I do think tho that I need more fine 
tuning with my fuel pressure as I saw difference in horsepower on the dyno 
between 250 main jets and 213s.This could also be due to the needle design.