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Re: [turbobike] turbocharging a 1074 gsxr

Rick (gsxr1100@ptw.com)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 16:34:25 -0700

Have you ever detonated a set of pistons running it with stock compression??
or did you start with low compression???
I was just thinking what is the octain of the gas you use??
wounder if the gas you have there is not as good as what we have here
which isn't saying much because we have crappy gas here in california
I think in the eastern states they have better gas.

By the way if you need a place to ship your bike you can ship it here.......

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> I completely agree that high cr - "low" boost would yield better throttle
> response compared to low cr - high boost.
> I just cant see how You get by with that combination and pump gas,
> it is contrast to everything I have learned!
> I guess I will have to pull out that spacerplate and see, probably would
> grenade the pistons on startup!
> Yes it would be great to test each others bikes!
> I guess I will have to ship My bike over and challenge You for a match
> race...hehehe.
> Im glad to see that this list has woken up again , thanks for starting
> list Rick!
> Christer
> Rick skrev: