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RE: [turbobike] High speed equipment?

Jesper Bengtsson (jesperbe@microsoft.com)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 07:51:35 -0700

Sure.. I'll try to scan some photos showing some nerdie engine solutions :-)

I wasn't the original builder, just bought the components, and are having
them fitted to my own bike. 
It originally had an dual-injection system fitted to it and some other trick
stuff, including a PC interface 
for programming ignition/injection and other things.
In that state it gave 291bhp at the back wheel, but it was a bit too much
since the chassis was unmodified, making
the effect unusable regardless of speed (fun but not really optimal ;-)
Unfortunately the injection system forced the tank to be modified making it
to small to be able to go
for longer trips (volume including an extra tank fitted elsewhere was 30% of
the original volume)

So I am using regular carburettors. And I am settling for less power and
more driveability, and hopefully longer service intervals ;-)

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> Hey Jesper how about some pictures of this Double Turbo VFR750
> I would like to see this!!!
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