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Re: [turbobike] Intercooler

Bryan Goodwin (bgoodwin@iquest.net)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 18:16:58 -0500

I think you'll find you'll need a pump, a water supply tank and a heat exchanger of some sort (like an oil cooler out front). Pump would be electric & shouldn't be hard to find. This whole
system would be heavy, though, and would take a lot of space. That is why you generally only see it on cars.


> Hi,
> I have a turbocharged GPZ 1100 but due to the lack of space my intercooler is placed above the engine so I wonder if anyone have experience of watercooled intercooler to solve my problem.
> >Stefan
> >Turbocharged MotoMartin
> >E-mail:s.holmqvist@telia.com