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Re: [turbobike] rebuilding parts for the ol' GS550E

Abraham Mara (AbeFM@dis.member.org)
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 23:37:47 -0000

I don't want to start any flame wars or anyhting, here, and I think we're
all a bit too adlut for that, perhaps, but I feel this list is beter served
if everyone here feels together, freindly, and supportive.  Not all things
here have to be 100% how to mount a turbo to a bike, 1) because other
performance mods are part of what the list is about, and 2) somethings are
GENERAL raceing/engine issues, which are important not to overlook when
building a turbobike.  Also, Dave contributes a lot to the list, and it is
nice to see the list active again after it's last little dead spot.  I
appreciate any long, drawn out conversations on tangents don't belong here,
but as a forum for open discusion, I think it is beter to post something
that might not belong, than to to NOT post something that could have
belonged.  It's like the old addage, "there's no such thing as a stupid
question".  Let's try to keep things freindly, ok?

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Subject: Re: [turbobike] rebuilding parts for the ol' GS550E

I'm sorry old chap, but this mailing list is for discussing the addition of
turbocharger system to a high performance motorcycle and the inherent
of doing so, not how to fix your old Zuk. Thank you.