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Re: [turbobike] rebuilding parts for the ol' GS550E

Bryan Goodwin (bgoodwin@iquest.net)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 16:22:20 -0500

No hard feelings here.

Abraham Mara wrote:

> I don't want to start any flame wars or anyhting, here, and I think we're
> all a bit too adlut for that, perhaps, but I feel this list is beter served
> if everyone here feels together, freindly, and supportive.  Not all things
> here have to be 100% how to mount a turbo to a bike, 1) because other
> performance mods are part of what the list is about, and 2) somethings are
> GENERAL raceing/engine issues, which are important not to overlook when
> building a turbobike.  Also, Dave contributes a lot to the list, and it is
> nice to see the list active again after it's last little dead spot.  I
> appreciate any long, drawn out conversations on tangents don't belong here,
> but as a forum for open discusion, I think it is beter to post something
> that might not belong, than to to NOT post something that could have
> belonged.  It's like the old addage, "there's no such thing as a stupid
> question".  Let's try to keep things freindly, ok?
>             -Abe.
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> From: Bryan Goodwin <bgoodwin@iquest.net>
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> Date: Tuesday, April 13, 1999 4:58 AM
> Subject: Re: [turbobike] rebuilding parts for the ol' GS550E
> I'm sorry old chap, but this mailing list is for discussing the addition of
> a
> turbocharger system to a high performance motorcycle and the inherent
> problems
> of doing so, not how to fix your old Zuk. Thank you.