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Re: [turbobike] rebuilding parts for the ol' GS550E

Bryan Goodwin (bgoodwin@iquest.net)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 00:01:18 -0500

I'm sorry old chap, but this mailing list is for discussing the addition of a
turbocharger system to a high performance motorcycle and the inherent problems
of doing so, not how to fix your old Zuk. Thank you.

Dave Schumpert wrote:

> i have a few questions on how much i should overcharge my credit card for
> bike parts.  i finally got the thing all apart on my bedroom floor, and i'm
> staring at the spun and very ugly thrust bearing.  surprisingly, the #2 main
> bearing looks fine, but i think i'll replace it just in case.  i'm going to
> plastigauge every bearing to make sure none are out of tolerance.  the bike
> has a hair under 18k on it, and it's an '83.  it seems to make good power,
> and the only funny noise is that damned ticking when not in gear.  my parts
> man seemed to think it was tranny or clutch because you could only hear it
> when out of gear, but i seem to remember hearing it faintly while riding in
> my neighborhood.  my friend has a ninja 250, and his used to make a constant
> ticking sound too.  turns out his was the cam chain tensioner, an easy and
> cheap fix.  i'm guessing that's what mine could be as i can't find any bad
> bearings in the tranny, or any worn teeth or anything that would cause the
> ticking.  the only thing that was wrong before i split the case was the dogs
> on the 6th driven gear (3rd gear on the output shaft, i believe) were broken
> off, and all sitting in the pan.  they didn't seem to get stuck in any gear
> teeth on the way down, so i'm still kind of wondering what the ticking could
> be.  any ideas?  also, should i go ahead and replace the rings in the engine
> being that i have it completely apart?  how much does one typically pay for
> a set of rings?  should i get a particular brand, or are zuki rings fine?
> also, what's the going price for main bearings?  i called colemen powersport
> today, and they said $17 for the thrust bearing and a main bearing.  doesn't
> seem too high, but i'd rather not put $120 in a new set of main and rod
> bearings because i've already spent $75 on the gear and gaskets, and will
> need to spend another $20 or so for a new head gasket, cylinder base gasket,
> and the thrust and main bearings.  lucky me, the voltage regulator is fried.
> those are $118, but i have an old one from our FSAE car, and i'll see if it
> works next weekend.  failing that, i'll try to pick one up at advance auto
> for $12.  my friend used to work there, and says that old dodge 318's used
> to have three phase alternators.  does anyone know what brand of voltage
> reg. is cheap and good?  the aftermarket ones dennis kirk used to sell for
> $76 suck, and would always burn up.  i've heard the ones out of the honda
> 600 F1 are the beefyest, but for that item, price is the main sticking point
> as i only paid $500 for the bike.  i assume i should readjust the valves
> because i took the cams out, even though it was just done before i got the
> bike.  sorry this thing is so long, but it's my first attempt at rebuilding
> a mtor, and i don't want to fuck it up as it's getting really nice now, and
> i REALLY want to ride to class and be able to park right behind randolph.
> the chick factor is a plus too.  thanks for all the help.
> later,
> Dave Schumpert
> '95-'98 VT Motorsports FSAE
> '73 914 2.0
> '83 Suzuki GS550E