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Re: [turbobike] Any suggestions on a wastegate?

Dave Morrill (david.p.morrill@fairchildsemi.com)
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 14:56:16 -0500

    Thanks for the reply, I'm fitting the T2 turbo ($300 vs. $1500 for an
aerocharger) on a CBR600.  I have unclipped both sides of the turbo housing
and twisted/moved it around, as well as moving the actuator assembly
everywhere I could think of.  The turbo itself barely fits.  One of my
requirements is to keep the stock fairing in place, so....  I'm pretty sure I
am going to have to go to an external wastegate and plumb the exhaust
manifold for it and move the wastegate near the bottom of the bike.  Gonna
keep on trying.  Any wastegate suggestions?


christer johansson wrote:

> Hi Dave ,All
> Why won´t the actuator fit ? It can be moved qite easily if it
> interferes whit some other components. I have moved the
> actuator on Schwitzer turbo. I have a aluminum plate welded
> angeled onto the compressor housing , also the actuator arm
> has been modified ,lengthened and bent.
> An internal wastegate is not bad idea, if it flows enough.
> Best of luck / Christer
> Dave Morrill skrev:
> > Hello,
> >     I'm in the process of mounting my turbo/building the exhaust
> > manifold and am finding that I can't get the built in wastegate actuator
> > to fit (I'm using a Garrett T-2, has the built in wastegate, but
> > requires an external actuator) , so I am looking for a stand alone
> > external wastegate.
> >
> >     Any suggestions, size is the main concern (smallest is best) and
> > price is also.  I'm planning to run 5-8lbs of boost.
> >
> > wdya all suggest?
> >
> >     thanks,
> >     Dave.