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Re: [turbobike] Any suggestions on a wastegate?

christer johansson (christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se)
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 23:42:53 +0100

Yes it can be qite tiresome to fit a turbo system to a modern bike
especially if its watercooled like Yours!
Have You tried to mount the actuator on the opposit side to normal?
On My old setup (Garrett T3) I used this, then You have to rotate the
wastegate arm 180 degrees.
Im sorry but i dont know of any cheap separate wastegates, just the
usuall turbocompany stuff. If You go with a separate wastegate try to get
a "big" one around 35mm would do the trick I think. As You will need
to wastegate a lot at high revs. There must be a separate wastegate on
some car as stock equipment?! If I dont remember wrongly I think some
Audis used one?

regards / Christer

Dave Morrill skrev:

> Christer,
>     Thanks for the reply, I'm fitting the T2 turbo ($300 vs. $1500 for an
> aerocharger) on a CBR600.  I have unclipped both sides of the turbo housing
> and twisted/moved it around, as well as moving the actuator assembly
> everywhere I could think of.  The turbo itself barely fits.  One of my
> requirements is to keep the stock fairing in place, so....  I'm pretty sure I
> am going to have to go to an external wastegate and plumb the exhaust
> manifold for it and move the wastegate near the bottom of the bike.  Gonna
> keep on trying.  Any wastegate suggestions?
> thanks,
>     Dave.
> christer johansson wrote:
> > Hi Dave ,All
> > Why wont the actuator fit ? It can be moved qite easily if it
> > interferes whit some other components. I have moved the
> > actuator on Schwitzer turbo. I have a aluminum plate welded
> > angeled onto the compressor housing , also the actuator arm
> > has been modified ,lengthened and bent.
> > An internal wastegate is not bad idea, if it flows enough.
> >
> > Best of luck / Christer
> >
> > Dave Morrill skrev:
> >
> > > Hello,
> > >     I'm in the process of mounting my turbo/building the exhaust
> > > manifold and am finding that I can't get the built in wastegate actuator
> > > to fit (I'm using a Garrett T-2, has the built in wastegate, but
> > > requires an external actuator) , so I am looking for a stand alone
> > > external wastegate.
> > >
> > >     Any suggestions, size is the main concern (smallest is best) and
> > > price is also.  I'm planning to run 5-8lbs of boost.
> > >
> > > wdya all suggest?
> > >
> > >     thanks,
> > >     Dave.