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Re: [turbobike] New project CBR600 F3 turbo

Mon, 16 Nov 1998 15:41:43 EST

In a message dated 98-11-16 11:10:48 EST, david.p.morrill@fairchildsemi.com

<< 1.    I have no experience with the CV carbs.  I'm assuming these can be
 used without major mods (plus the plumbing is already there to
 pressurize the bowls).  Literature suggests slightly stiffer springs and
 stage 3 jetting with richer mains.  Do you guys install larger needle
 and seats or adjust float level?
Pressurizing the float bowls was no problem on my 94 ZX9 same as yours already
set-up for it.
As for the springs I had to use a stock one + a dynojet one to keep the slides
from blowing open too fast.I am hopefully going to do fuel injection soon if
not I will have to find a source for stiffer springs.As far as jetting goes I
still dont have that down quite right the bike showed no HP change between 250
and 215 main jet.If I keep the carbs I am going to have to experiment with
needle profiles and such.

2.    What is the stock fuel pump capable of (psi, hp)?   I'm planning
 on replacing this pump and adding a high flow pump and boost sensitive
 fuel pressure regulator with return to tank.  Is this what most of you
 carb guys are doing?
Dont know about the stock fuel pump I am using an automotive heigh pressure
pump with a Mallory by-pass type boost sensitive fuel pressure regulator.

3.  I use a popoff valve on the sled, am planning to do so here.
 However, I know Rick uses a priority air inlet valve also, are the
 performance gains worth it?

No input on this.

 4.  Any suggestions on the intake manifold?
I have just a simple aluminum manifold with the tubing from the turbo coming
over the frame where the stock Ram-Air tubes run.

5.  Don't have room for an intercooler.  How many of you are running
 without one?  What kind of boost are you running on pump gas?
I use pump gas on mine.I have an Aerodyne turbo with the boost set at 8lbs.My
compression is lowered however to 9 1/2-1 because I intend to up the boost