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Re: [turbobike] oilpan cracks

Wed, 13 May 1998 17:02:07 EDT

 In a message dated 98-05-12 10:59:20 EDT, you write:
 << I have had the same problem and welding over the cracks just makes new
  so what I did is  roughen up the surface and apply JB weld over it and it
  has held for many months without leaking. I know it sounds kind of Mickey
  mouse but hey it works, until I have time to find a better solution.>>
 My dad used to run an ARMA COATINGS business.  Ever hear of the stuff?  Their
main thing is truck bedliners, but it works excellent on many diff. things.
 We used it on:  helicopter aluminum and fiberglass parts, leaking gas tanks
(car and atvs), oil tanks, etc etc.
 Our big thing was the bottom of aluminum skiffs.  )Around all the rivets
crack and leak)  We had a welding guy weld them the best he could, then we
ARMA COATED the suckers.  Worked real well.  Someone should do it for you for
less than $20.  Might be worth a try.