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Turbocharged, Supercharged, and Hotrod Motorcycles: [turbobike] Re: getting bike turbo stuff in the UK

[turbobike] Re: getting bike turbo stuff in the UK

Mark Lowery (M.Lowery@tees.ac.uk)
Wed, 13 May 1998 14:32:12 GMT

Hi Paul.

I too am in the uk and all the manufacturers for super/turbo chargers
are in the US.

BUT I've found some places willing to fit "off the shelf" kits for 
you, I know from phone conversations that the following will........

V&M  (more superbike stuff, but will fit one)

Village bike shop  (loads of experience for dragracing & turbos)

Martec   ( I  *do not* reccomend these wankers - a last resort only)

big 4 engineering   (offers a supercharger for 900)

theres sure to be more but I'm still looking and phoning round.

the average price is 2500 for a "roll in & roll out" service for a 
typical Mr. Turbo kit.

I've also got a bookmark list of web pages if your interested. 

hope this helps