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[turbobike] Thanks

Thu, 14 May 1998 13:24 +0200

--- Inkommet från VCC1.DODGE 031 7654225               98-05-14 13:24

Thanks for all the answers on JB weld, I think I´ve got it know!
To answer the qestions regarding my bike,it is a 1992 GSXR1100 with a
turbo system built by an race shop here in Sweden using a garret T3
turbo with trim60 and a 43mm inlet hole in the compressor housing
there is also an custom made swayed intercooler placed in front of the
oil cooler, boost is set at 1,2bar (18psi) developing 270hp (dynod)
that is close to the pump limit of the turbo. Fuel is delivered by an
Bosch electric pump controlled by an adjustable boost controlled
pressure regulator, to the heavily modified oem 40mm carbs.
The crancase evacuation system is modified to cope with the new
demands.I´m going to send pic´s and info to Rick to post on his
site.To answer the qestion about head gasket failure,I don´t have
any problem with the oem gasket and I´ve heard that cometic makes new
ones that are the same type as the oem, and I know of 400hp super
street GSXR:s that uses stock studs without problems.
Why not test a oem gasket?

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