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[turbobike] n20

darin ginther (d_ginther@hotmail.com)
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 08:03:15 PST

I'm running a '84 GPZ turbo, a tweeked turbo and an intercooler... 'course, 
I haven't had it running for about 5 months!    Trying
to get all the pieces back together along with my other projects..


I do have a progressive fuel regulator, I guess I didn't realize that
it was a 1:1 regulator.. Makes a lot more sense now.  I will have to watch 
total available fuel volume.

>This does not directly answer your question but should help to clarify N2O
>operations a bit. N2O does NOT only have to operate at WOT, there are also
>progressive and multi-stage setups that can kick in at various throttle
>positions. Also N2O setups have both N20 solenoids AND fuel solenoids that
>work in conjunction at the same time. When the N20 kicks in the fuel
>solenoid also operates to add the required extra fuel. Just curious, what
>are you running that is FI and running at 20 PSI of boost?
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>Subject: [turbobike] N20 plumbing on pressure side of intake?
>Anyone want to give me any pointers on adding N20 on the post-turbo
>side of the intake system?  I'm EFI, probably pushing 43psi of fuel at 20
>psi off boost, but it seems to me that pushing 43 psi of fuel into 20 psi 
>air - I'm going to be radically decreasing my fuel flow..
>Needless to say, I don't want to go lean!
>As N20 occurs at WOT, do I just tune it for high boost situations only?  -
>Allow it to run rich at low RPM?
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> >tmeenan@flash.net writes:
> >
> ><< Do you run timing retards on your
> >  turbo? IF so what degree of retard and at what RPM does it retard at?
> >How
> >  much boost do you run?
> >   >>
> >My turbo ZX9 has a Muzzy adjustable timing advancer set at -2 degrees
> >retarded.
> >Another friend has a GSXR with a Mr T draw thru turbo and it has a Dyna
> >ignition with the boost activated retard being adjustable as to when it
> >comes
> >on.Cant remember how much timing we were pulling out of it when we had it
> >on
> >the dyno.The Dyna set-up is nice because it is adjustable as to what 
> >level it starts to retard the timing.
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