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FW: [turbobike] Aerodyne

Jurgen Mausch (jmausch@collisionanalysis.com)
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 08:05:43 -0700


Keep us posted with what happens. I've been contemplating buying and
Aerodyne unit for a GSXR street bike project. I've heard mostly bad news
about their reliability and am now having deep concerns, especially with the
premium price there asking for these units.


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Subject: [turbobike] Aerodyne

Ok, after praising American Turbo and Aerodyne Turbos, I go out and blow
mine up.  Before I call American Turbo and Aerodyne, does anyone have any
experience with warranty work with them?  I have had this turbo less than a
year and when it blew, I was in 4th gear around 10k rpms, so it wasn't
stressing it.  I am wondering how they will handle this.

Just for the record, my turbo blackbird now sounds like a ducati.  You have
to love the sound of a dry clutch.