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Re: [turbobike] studs

Tue, 14 Dec 1999 08:03:22 -0500

That might be a little over the top - I think the APE stuff is generally very
good.  Yes - you can break an APE valve spring but look what you're asking it to
do:  You have a very limited space (the same length and diameter as stock) in
which to now accomodate much higher valve lift.  Then there's always the chance
of coil bind if you don't set the head up right, and the more seat pressure you
run, the shorter the longevity of your valve job.  A friend of mine broke a
spring on his KZ, but he was running .425 lift cams on the street for two years,
literally touring all over the country.  The stock intake cam only lifts .318 or
so, and the exhaust about .300.

Look at the PS bikes - 1-3 passes on valve springs for the 2-valvers is all they
get, lifting over .600".

As usual, just my $0.02.

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<< ust as an aside to this a friend of mine who runs a 7-second CBX funnybike
 had some aftermarket studs tested and found that they weren't any stronger
 than the standard Honda ones (which he had never had any trouble with


 Lorcan >>

I agree.I know people who have had nothing but problems from the APE studs
and their valve springs.