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Re: [turbobike] Carb Question

Bryan (bgoodwin@iquest.net)
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 07:42:51 -0500

If you are using stock CV carbs, there are vent lines for the vacuum
slides. It is the same concept as with the float bowls. When the throttle
plates are opened, low pressure is created on top of the diaphram. High
pressure air (atmospheric) via the vent lines pushes up on the diaphram
thereby lifting the slides. If you don't have these pressurized I would
think that under boost the slides might not be opening all the way.

At 03:46 AM 11/19/99 EST, ABNZX9@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 11/18/99 2:26:11 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
>bgoodwin@iquest.net writes:
><< Are your float bowl vent lines and slide lift vent lines pressurized? >>
>The float bowls are pressurized by using the same lines that pressurized
>with the stock Ram Air.I dont understand what you mean by the slide lift
>I am trying to make my system more efficient.I had 131Hp before I did the 
>turbo and 9.5-1 compression 950cc kit.Now I have 160HP on 8psi of boost.I 
>think that I should have seen more then a 29 HP gain from the turbo.Another 
>thing I am going to do over the winter is redgree the cams they are
>set at 103.5/103.5 also going to add an air/fuel ratio gage.(Should have
>that originally)
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