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Re: [turbobike] Carb Question

Dave Morrill (david.p.morrill@fairchildsemi.com)
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 08:57:32 -0500

During tuning I made a cluster of boost, fuel pressure, O2 sensor,
and tach guages, and made a window in my airbox (3/4" lexan) so I could
see what the slides do.  Put the guages next to the airbox and run it with
an external fuel tank on the dyno.

Then put a real good light on the mess and videotape it during the dyno
run.  Play back the tape in slow motion and you can figure out what is
exactly happening.  Virtually eliminates the guesswork.  I'm taking it
another step further and building a datalogger that I can take with me on

good luck,

Jeffrey K. Churchill wrote:

> That could be a sign of limited fuel flow,...power should drop off when
> overly fat.  Check tank petcock, fuel filters, needle seats, (if carb)
> etc.
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> On Tue, 16 Nov 1999 02:24:44 EST ABNZX9@aol.com writes:
> > In a message dated 11/15/99 7:20:31 AM US Eastern Standard Time,
> > bgoodwin@iquest.net writes:
> >
> > << You might try switching to heavier slide springs or doubling up
> > on the
> >  stockers to help control the slides better. >>
> >
> > Already have doubled up on them.I think I need to try some different
> > needle
> > profiles we saw no horspower change on the dyno between 215 main jet
> > and 250
> > main jet.