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[turbobike] Re: Warner-ihi turbo discussion

darin ginther (d_ginther@hotmail.com)
Fri, 08 Oct 1999 09:42:23 PDT

Hey, Jeff.. Thanks.

Mike wants to sell the modified HT-10B all day long, and I did
purchase one from him, slightly modified for about $1k.  I feel
that I paid WAY too much, but I was refered to him as the expert
and he didn't list any other options.

The IHI can be modified, where as the HT-10B is an oddball and
you've got to pay Mike big $$$ to have the work done..   Anyone
know the CFMs on the stock unit?


The HT-10B I've got can produce 24 psi of boost.  I don't know
much about the induced heat at 20+ psi, wondering how the IHI
would compare.  I understand that IHI has a very good compressor
design in terms of efficency.

>From: jjareo@tir.com
>To: Darin Ginther <d_ginther@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re: Warner-ihi turbo
>Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 12:05:07 -0400
>Hi Darin
>   Yes I am runninng an IHI on my bike and it has picked up the performance
>greatly. This turbo is very good for low boost of 15 pounds and below
>according to Mike. He says it falls quickly above that .  I dont know if he
>is right.  I can let you know more after tomorrow going to play some on the
>dyno . but I did get rid of my stock turbo ... so can not tell you the
>difference in hp.  On the sand drag strip it improved the times by 3 tenths
>in the hundred yards. My turbo is an RHB5 BRL3911E  the underline number is
>the actual compressor number it is from a performance upgrade. The stock 
>was much less in cfms.     Talk to you later Jeff
>Darin Ginther wrote:
> > Jeff, I caught an old post of yours to the turbo group.  I've got a
> > chance to buy
> > a new Warner-ishi RHB5 turbo, specific A/R is unknown.  Looks very
> > similar to the
> > design of the turbo on my GPZ.
> >
> > What did you end up finding out about this turbo?  I'm currently running
> > the stock
> > turbo, rebuilt with a "stage 2" upgrade from Mike Chestnut.  I'd like to
> > run
> > something a bit more mainstream than the stock unit.
> >
> > -d

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