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[turbobike] RB Racing CBX Twin Turbo Kit

Bob Buehler (ribicf@hotbot.com)
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 21:00:48 -0700

Hi Gang:

Just purchased an older turbo kit that was put together by RB Racing back in 1982. 

I'm looking for parts and advice.

The kit came with an SU 2 inch or 57mm carb.  I figured I would try this unit out first since I have it but I need some parts.

The carb needs a plate with a 2 inch pipe extending from it to attach it to the primary intake manifold.  The system is designed to have the carb feed air and fuel into a "t" type manifold that connects to the pair of IHI turbos.  The turbos feed or force air and fuel into a manifold attached to the head.

I also need to find a way to attach a throtle cable and choke cable to the carb.  If anyone has been through this or has an old setup that they have since replace I would like to speak with them, see the system or purchase some of the parts.

I would also like to know if anyone has a source for 10 mm by 1.5 thread bango bolts.  As it turns out the IHI turbos have this odd thread bango fitting for the high pressure oil inlet.

If anyone out there has some general advice or information that they would care to share with me I would greatly appreciate it, this is new stuff to me.

Thanks in advance
Bob Buehler 

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