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[turbobike] Re: Kaw Turbo

Wed, 8 Sep 1999 13:54:00 -0400

Mike Chestnut at Hp Unlimited was doing conversions to larger turbos/injectors
for that bike, but I was told by Bob Behn that he has just moved out of state
(he was in CA).  Bob (RB Racing) might be able to point you in his direction or
might have a suggestion.  RB is at (310) 515-5720.

"Steve L." <sleonard@buffnet.net> on 09/08/99 01:46:34 PM

To:   Bob Shammas/EQA/Nsk-Corp@Nsk-Corp, turbobike@natvideo.com

Subject:  Kaw Turbo

Anybody know where I can find information on aquireing larger injectors for
a Kaw GPZ750 turbo?