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Re: [turbobike] Prostar Indy

Trevor Altman (tbone@blueridge.net)
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 18:51:37 -0400


That wasn't Kent's Blackbird, although it was built by HRC.  Kent's bike is not yet

shammar@nsk-corp.com wrote:

> Did anyone else go to the Prostar meet in Indianapolis over the weekend?  The
> weather was good, other than a headwind most of the time, and some records did
> fall or come very close to being broken.  Gary Clark set a new funnybike 1/4
> mile record at 6.62, backed up with a 6.66.  He runs a turbo alcohol combination
> on a KZ.  Bryan Bennett also ran a 6.68 in funnybike, running EFI gasoline and
> progressive nitrous on a KZ.  Larry McBride ran a 4.04 1/8th mile on his fueler,
> but had to shut down early.  This was only 0.01 off of Elmer's record of 4.03.
> Subsequent problems for the spiderman halted any further improvements.  The
> streetbike shootout was huge with 38 bikes entering.  Keith Dennis won it with
> an 8.14 @ 173 and change.  Kent Stotz had his new CBR1100XX turbo running 177mph
> in the 1/4, with ETs as low as the 8.40 range - outstanding for a brand new
> combination.  There were too many other cool things to list.....
> Bob