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[turbobike] Prostar Indy

Tue, 17 Aug 1999 16:11:15 -0400

Did anyone else go to the Prostar meet in Indianapolis over the weekend?  The
weather was good, other than a headwind most of the time, and some records did
fall or come very close to being broken.  Gary Clark set a new funnybike 1/4
mile record at 6.62, backed up with a 6.66.  He runs a turbo alcohol combination
on a KZ.  Bryan Bennett also ran a 6.68 in funnybike, running EFI gasoline and
progressive nitrous on a KZ.  Larry McBride ran a 4.04 1/8th mile on his fueler,
but had to shut down early.  This was only 0.01 off of Elmer's record of 4.03.
Subsequent problems for the spiderman halted any further improvements.  The
streetbike shootout was huge with 38 bikes entering.  Keith Dennis won it with
an 8.14 @ 173 and change.  Kent Stotz had his new CBR1100XX turbo running 177mph
in the 1/4, with ETs as low as the 8.40 range - outstanding for a brand new
combination.  There were too many other cool things to list.....