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[turbobike] FJ1314 turbo 4-sale

Wed, 18 Aug 1999 08:37:19 -0400

As long as everybody's using this as a classifieds forum, I do have to say that
it's sad but true (sad for me, that is) that there may no longer be enough room
in my garage for the FJ1314 turbo.  With my ZX-12 coming soon and six bikes in
the corral already, something's gotta go.  Very quickly, it is a 1985 FJ1100 and

1314 Wiseco kit with heavy wall hard chrome pins
Mild port job by Jerry Berreth
APE cylinder studs & nuts
Adj. cam sprockets
Falicon billet clutch basket, Barnett coil spring conversion, MRE lockup
R&D motorsports undercut on all five gears
Rayjay F40 turbo w/Mikuni HSR42 carb
2 stage waste gate
Water injection
18/38 gearing
Dual oil coolers
Liquid filled boost and fuel pressure gages
Oil pressure and temp gages
New Dunlop K591s

The bike pulls right out of the basement and builds boost strongly from 4000 rpm
and made 238 Hp/160 ft.lb. @ 20 psi boost.  Seven psi will leave a ZX-11
wondering what happened.  No need to rev it to make power if you don't want to.

I also have a 4" over, heavily braced swingarm that is done but is not
installed, many spares, plus another complete '85 FJ1100 which I kept for a
rainy day in case of accidents.

Everything goes as a package for $7000.

(734) 761-6459