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Re: [turbobike] Sound

Dave Williams (dave.williams@chaos.lrk.ar.us)
Sat, 07 Aug 1999 09:45:00 -0500

-> What are everyone else's experiences with the exhaust sound of their
-> turbo bikes?

 I have a 12" long, 2" ID automotive glasspack muffler on my XJ650
Turbo.  It's welded to the conical section where the original muffler
was before it rotted off, and it's painted semi-gloss black like the
original.  Nobody ever seems to notice it's just a $15 car muffler
instead of a $400 Yamaha muffler; I tossed the take muffler on the other
side away.  Well, it was connected to the wastegate, but I disabled that
a decade ago.

 I got lucky with the glasspack.  It's quiet enough around town, and it
give an amazing baritone howl when I'm on boost.  Closest thing I can
think of is, imagine a radial arm saw biting into hardwood, except drop
it a few octaves.  The guys I ride with like it; one of them describes
it as "the damnedest thing I ever heard."

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