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Re: [turbobike] Sound

Bryan (bgoodwin@iquest.net)
Fri, 06 Aug 1999 17:10:50 -0500

I love the sound of a turbo with only a dump pipe. My FZR sounds awesome
with no muffler. I'm using a relatively small turbo (t25) and it's not too
awful loud. It's certainly not near as loud as a stroker with a megaphone.

 And the way people look at you at stoplights when you rev the bike and it
makes that zimmm, zimmm, zimmm sound...........

At 05:15 PM 8/6/99 EDT, GSXRTurbo1@aol.com wrote:
>  I have an 86 GSXR1109 with a Mr Turbo draw thru 42mm Mikuni HSR carb. With 
>the supplied exhaust w/cannister it is fairly quiet. However, with a "banana 
>pipe" it is EXTREMELY loud. It also has a sound like a 4cyl car without a 
>muffler, it doesn't sound like a bike at all. I thought it would quiet down 
>somewhat when I installed my JE 9:1 pistons, but it is just as loud. I guess 
>its not the compression ratio making it loud. I also run a 2 1/2" pipe to a 
>4" super trapp baffle (its just the disks without the cannister or packing, 
>pretty trick actually) and that quiets it down somewhat, but still nowhere 
>near as quiet as the Mr Turbo supplied cannister. The only problem with the 
>Mr Turbo cannister is that its too restrictive. My EGT's are noticably
>with that exhaust in place. I went for a ride today with the stock gearing, 
>was on I-75 in 3rd gear going about 70-80 mph and nailed it. 2 quick
>and what seemed like a few seconds and I tagged the rev limiter (set at 
>11,000 on my Dyna 2000), glanced at the speedo at it read about 150 mph. It 
>seemed low to be tagging the limiter, but I know the clutch wasn't slipping 
>as I have a MRE lockup. What do the rest of you use for gearing? Gearing for 
>top end v.s. 1/4 mile? Any comments/suggestions?
FZR1000 turbo EFI
(aka The Money Pit)