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Re: [turbobike] Smaller, Older & Cheaper

J. Allan (beak@seaside.net)
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 07:05:16 -0700

     I have a coupla SOHC Honda 750s, one with a ATP turbo on it and the
other with an old Druin supercharger on it....find its hard to get them to
carburate properly at low speeds but they haul at WFO :-)
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From: Burger, Marius (M) <marius.burger@sasol.com>
To: 'turbobike@natvideo.com' <turbobike@natvideo.com>
Date: Thursday, July 22, 1999 7:16 AM
Subject: [turbobike] Smaller, Older & Cheaper

>Very interesting what you guys do to Harleys, Buells, ZX11s, R1s,
>GSXRs..........  So tell us how you guys got started. What was the first
>bike you fitted a turbo to? How many bikes have you fitted? The pro's and
>con's of buying second hand stuff? Any SOHC 4 Honda's, Suzuki GS or Kawa Z
>turbobikes around? Anyone with a turbo on something smaller than a 600cc?
>Anyone else from a "third world country" on the list who share my
>views/problems? Lets try something a bit smaller, older & cheaper.