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Re: [turbobike] Smaller, Older & Cheaper

Thu, 22 Jul 1999 13:06:17 -0400


Lots of Z1/KZs out there with turbos on them, and quite a few GS'.  The simple
draw-throughs like the old ATP setups work okay on the street with a good,
modern carburetor like a roller slide HSR42 Mikuni.  You're always fighting
thermal transients in the intake system, though.  The biggest problem with the
KZs is a lack of oil pressure.  Most of the guys I know go through turbo
bearings every year.  A stock KZ with a 1075 8:1 piston kit and 30 psi boost is
usually good for 220 Hp on the dyno, but detonation is a big issue if you're
heat soaking it.

I had a Magnuson blower with a DellOrto carb. on a KZ streetbike for awhile with
a totally stock top end.  Realistically 10psi was the limit due to detonation,
even with water injection.  The base motor was pretty weak - I doubt over 70 Hp.
I was able to get 112 Hp and 83 ft.lb. out of that setup with 10psi.  The best
part was that you had over 80 ft.lb. as soon as you whacked the throttle open at
3000 rpm - it made it kind of neat to ride around.

All of my stuff has always been used up until I did this ZX-11 project - you
just need to know what you're buying and make sure that the compressor isn't

Good luck.

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Subject:  [turbobike] Smaller, Older & Cheaper

Very interesting what you guys do to Harleys, Buells, ZX11s, R1s,
GSXRs..........  So tell us how you guys got started. What was the first
bike you fitted a turbo to? How many bikes have you fitted? The pro's and
con's of buying second hand stuff? Any SOHC 4 Honda's, Suzuki GS or Kawa Z
turbobikes around? Anyone with a turbo on something smaller than a 600cc?
Anyone else from a "third world country" on the list who share my
views/problems? Lets try something a bit smaller, older & cheaper.