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[turbobike] Pumps

Tue, 22 Jun 1999 12:35:41 -0400


I didn't find anything in Grainger, but McMaster-Carr has a couple of 12V
miniature pumps that may do the trick.  They're about $200 but I can't tell how
heavy or big they are.  The 1/100 Hp pump flows 4.3 gpm @ 1' head, with a
shutoff rating of 7.1' of head.  Full load amperage is 1.5 amps.  There is also
a 1/25 Hp model that flows 5.4 gpm @ 1'; 15' shutoff; 3.8 amps max.  These pumps
are rated for 250 degrees F. max., use a robust magnetic drive, and have water
compatible materials throughout.

I couldn't seem to download the page, but just go to www.mcmaster.com, and
you'll be able find circulating pumps from there.

Good Luck.