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Re: [turbobike] Water cooled turbo

John C Williamson (john.williamson5@virgin.net)
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 13:59:15 +0100


I presume that you mean to use the stock VACUUM
operated tap?
If you connect the vac pipe as you suggest to the
turbo inlet then it will be at atmospheric
pressure and the valve will probably not open. If
you connect to the plenum then as the thing comes
on boost then it will turn off the fuel supply,
leaving just the float bowls full, just time to
develop some boost... most likely it will just cut
out but it could also burn a piston or valve.
These taps need some negative pressure to keep
them open. This is normally caused by the CV carbs
restrictive venturi even at full throttle. You
could set the tap to ''prime'' if it has this

Better to fit a big free flow simple valve of
somekind. One problem with fuel supply can be the
air supply to the tank! The vent pipe is very
restrictive. Make sure your regulator is the
compensated type, where a pipe from the 'top' of
the regulator goes to the pressure side of the
turbo setup.

You could ignore the water cooling part, but it
would be better to route some coolant around it,
even if this is oil from the oil cooler.

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From: Stuart Graves <STUARTGSXR@bigpond.com>
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Subject: [turbobike] Water cooled turbo

> Im turboing A 89GSXR750 (1100F motor
fitted),blowthru-stock 750 36 mm
> carbsIm using a IHI RHB52 turbo unit that has
provision for water
> cooling.Question ,can I blank the inlet and
outlets off or should I rig up a
> pump and heat exchanger(cheap and no
problem)will this extend the bearing
> life much?PS what do you guys doo about fuel
taps and pumps?.I can route the
> vacuum line from the tap to the turbo inlet
(thread provided) so that sould
> be ok ,Im,using a malpasi fuel regulator ,with
one -Pierburg fuel pump(as
> Joe Haile recommends(shop says I need two
,sounds like overkill for 7-8 PSI
> boost) will the standard fuel tap flow enough
fuel?, is one fuel pump
> enough? do I need to mess around with the water
cooled turbo(or plug
> holes).Would appreciate any advice,you guys have
been there and done
> that.thanks
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