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[turbobike] Water cooled turbo

Stuart Graves (STUARTGSXR@bigpond.com)
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 20:00:18 +1000

Im turboing A 89GSXR750 (1100F motor fitted),blowthru-stock 750 36 mm
carbsIm using a IHI RHB52 turbo unit that has provision for water
cooling.Question ,can I blank the inlet and outlets off or should I rig up a
pump and heat exchanger(cheap and no problem)will this extend the bearing
life much?PS what do you guys doo about fuel taps and pumps?.I can route the
vacuum line from the tap to the turbo inlet (thread provided) so that sould
be ok ,Im,using a malpasi fuel regulator ,with one -Pierburg fuel pump(as
Joe Haile recommends(shop says I need two ,sounds like overkill for 7-8 PSI
boost) will the standard fuel tap flow enough fuel?, is one fuel pump
enough? do I need to mess around with the water cooled turbo(or plug
holes).Would appreciate any advice,you guys have been there and done
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