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Re: [turbobike] oil filter relocation kit

Dave Morrill (david.p.morrill@fairchildsemi.com)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 11:29:55 -0400

    I have this setup right now.  I'm using a check valve, 5psi cracking
pressure in the feed line, but it is still gravity feeding in.  When I bought
it, I could blow through it easily both ways.  I put it in anyway, thinking
that it only worked for fluids.

    Based on what your suggesting here, I have a faulty check valve.  Do you


Rick wrote:

> > Hi Rick,I'm presently doing the fitting on my bike for the turbo,I see
> > you have put an oil relocation kit on your bike.Does someone make this
> > or you had it custom made.I've looked through the summit racing catalog
> > and have found one for automotive purposes,is this the same one your
> > using?
> No
> I bought the remote oil filter bracket from PAW (just like summit) hose and
> fittings
> you need to figure out on your own and the oil filter adapter I made my self
> I couldn't find one that would fit the stock oil filter nipple and at this
> point the
> motor was all put together so tapping it to a more standard size wasn't a
> option
> Also the oil line exitting the turbo,where can I find that reed
> > valve  or whatever it is to stop the oil from backing up in the turbo.
> you need two check valves one going in to the turbo 5psi cracking pressure
> and one comming out of the turbo 1psi cracking pressure.
> you can call Clayton controls at 714-556-9446 and they can help you
> I am also attaching a diagram of a simple oil return
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