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Re: [turbobike] custom turbo

Dave Morrill (david.p.morrill@fairchildsemi.com)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 11:16:24 -0400

    I have a T-2 setup with the same problem.  I am returning my oil via a
pump to the timing chain cover.  You should return your oil above the oil
pan or add a check valve to eliminate this problem (any hydraulic shop for
20 bucks).

    However, I found that my problem is that I am getting my oil supply
from the mail oil galley on my F3 (the feed is above the turbo), and when
I shut the bike off, oil is siphoning into the turbo from there in two
ways.  1.  The bike still has oil pressure until 10 secs or so after you
shut it off, no big deal, just run the oil pump until oil press = 0.  2.
The weight of the oil up high in the engine is pushing it down into the
turbo or its created a siphon effect, it leaks overnight and fills the
turbo.  I have confirmed this by unhooking the pump and feed and measuring
how much leaks out overnight, it is absolutely the feed and not the pump

    I have not found a good solution yet, but if oil sits in the turbo for
a while it does leak into the exhaust, so it's a big problem.

    Any suggestions?


Jeff Churchill wrote:

> Christer,
>       Re:  your answer to George K.  about the oil line placement,.....I
> think you answered my question/problem.   I have a T-2  on a Buell
> mounted under the motor,...oil is filling up the turbo when it
> sits,....tho I have an  electric extraction pump pulling oil out,....and
> I run the pump for a few moments after engine shut-off.  I didn't  think
> a one-way valve was necessary,.....can't see how oil makes it through
> the pump after shut-off,...but it does. What do you use for a one-way
> valve ???
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