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Re: [turbobike] custom turbo headers

Christer Johansson (christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se)
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 17:26:19 +0200


I wouldnt remove the oil cooler, itīs there for a reason
and as You said You will be adding more heat with the turbo.
Getting oil to the turbo isnīt a big problem ,just route a hose
between the oil gallery outlet beneath the ignition cover
about AN4 size. Oil drainback is another issue ,there are diffrent ways
of doing this. I use a line routed from the turbo to the oil
pan ,through the oil pan there is a pipe and then the line
continues to the oil pickup where the line mounts on a tubular fitting
that protrudes into the pickup and are ageled cut wich creates
a light suction out the oil drainback line when the oil rushes past.
If You mount the turbo in about the same position as I (or Rick)
You will also need a one way valve in the line, otherwise the oil
will pour out into the turbo and fill up the exhaust with oil, not a very
fun thing! I know because when My one way valve broke it happened to Me
and the fire department payed Me a visit.
Some people use a reed valve instead of the angel cut pipe in the pickup.
I got a very nice drawing of such a device from Rick a while back, You
could ask
Him if You want. Some people here in Sweden use a waterpump from a 125cc
motocrosser modified to fit into the ignition cover and is driven off the
crank trigger.
This pump then sucks oil from a vented oil pan placed beneath the turbo,
works very well Iīve heard. You can plug the water holes on the turbo if
You wish.

george kalogeropoulos skrev:

> Hi everyone,I just picked up my turbo a few days ago...I've started
> working on the bike (a liqiud cooled 1100 gsxr '93) and i'm in the
> process of doing the fitting.
> I have a question about the oil cooler,there are two oil lines going to
> the cooler,can I remove the oil cooler and use the oil lines for my
> turbcharger?This is a very convenient way to get the oil to the turbo
> and back to  the oil pan,but I know it will generate alot of
> heat...still do you guys think it will work?My turbo is also
> watercooled but I don't think i'll have a hard time setting that up.
> Thanks!
> George K.
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