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Re: [turbobike] custom turbo headers

Trevor Altman (tbone@blueridge.net)
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 21:48:08 -0400

George...save yourself mucho headaches and $ on reinventing the wheel!  HRC
and MR. Turbo have excellent turbo systems for this bike ready to install.
The pipes are fabbed and the fuel maps are (basically) there.  The HRC
system has proven to be not only the quickest (8.11 ET) street bike in the
world, but also holds the true "land speed record" for a street bike (about
234 mph).  You can expect about 375 rhp with the base turbo and single inj.
per cylinder system from HRC, and can modify up to around 450 rhp.

Even if you don't use one of these...bag the oil cooler!  For street
riding, drag racing or top speed testing it is not necessary (I wouldn't
recommend road racing something like this).

Good luck!

george kalogeropoulos wrote:

> Hi everyone,I just picked up my turbo a few days ago...I've started
> working on the bike (a liqiud cooled 1100 gsxr '93) and i'm in the
> process of doing the fitting.
> I have a question about the oil cooler,there are two oil lines going to
> the cooler,can I remove the oil cooler and use the oil lines for my
> turbcharger?This is a very convenient way to get the oil to the turbo
> and back to  the oil pan,but I know it will generate alot of
> heat...still do you guys think it will work?My turbo is also
> watercooled but I don't think i'll have a hard time setting that up.
> Thanks!
> George K.
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