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Re: [turbobike] carburation vs fuel injection

Lorcan Parnell (lorcan@globalnet.co.uk)
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 00:27:12 +0100

Hi John!,

>On the other hand my 1100 GSX EF used a cheap stock Mr Turbo kit with a
>single draw through carb and this was fine! Idle was a little ragged, but
>kind of adds character! Unlike the short 'banana' drag style exhaust pipe
>that tries to turn your left leg to charcoal.
You soon get used to riding with your leg out though don't you!

>Does anyone know how much extra boost is possible with N2O due to the
>cooling effect?
The fast turbo guys only get a little extra, if anything. Unlike the
aspirated guys who can spray a load of nitrous. It all comes down to
cylinder pressure and efficiency.