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Re: [turbobike] carburation vs fuel injection

Christer Johansson (christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 17:30:39 +0200

 I thought of going to EFI ,but I saw no reason to do it.
Efi does have some advantages in that you can map the fuel
and ignition curves more precisly. But itīs possible with carbs
and a adjustable ignition module to.
As long as the engine gets the right A/F ratio there is no advantage
in EFI powerwise. To know what A/F ratio you have,you will
need a lambda cell, also a EGT sensor would be nice.
This goes for both Efi and carb setups.
During the dial in period I will use a lambda cell and EGT sensors in
all 4 exhaust pipes and the collector, on the new system.
Also, blow through carbs could prove more "forgiving" to the design
of the plenum etc than a EFI would be. If you get sligtly more flow
through some carbs the injectors on a EFI system will still spray
the same amount of fuel, on a carb system it will drag the fuel needed.
Also if you run a high hp EFI system you will need 8 injectors on a
4 cylinder engine ,otherwise you could get trouble with idle as the
injectors would be qite big.
Carbs gives better fuel atomizing at low engine speeds.
But a EFI setup looks cooler though....


sebastian skrev:

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> Date: Saturday, April 17, 1999 10:30 AM
> Subject: Re: [turbobike] carburation vs fuel injection
> Fuel injection is nice if you have the money to spend. If not blow thru
> carbs will be better than drawing thru a single carb. If its for street go
> with the blow thru carbs if thats what you decide if you cant spend the
> money for the fuel injection. If its for some street and mostly drag racing
> a draw thru system will be fine. Fuel injection will give and increase of
> approx. 10-20% in horsepower.
> >My opinion is listen to your friend and use Fuel injection you have totol
> >control over everything.
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> >>
> >> Hi everyone,well i'm trying to make the decision weather I should go
> >> carbs or fuel injection....My friend is telling me don't bother with
> >> carbs because i'm going to have a very hard time with the
> >> jetting.Nobody knows how to turbo/carb tune up here in Montreal !
> >> He says with fuel injection I would have complete control over
> >> tuning/timing/boost etc.The system cost about 1450.00$ cnd money .How
> >> much money do I need to  tune the carbs,do I need to buy a jet kit of
> >> some kind?Is it really that much of a pain to jet?
> >> If so,what kind of jet kit do I buy?And what's the story with reshapped
> >> needle?That I've never heard of?Do I have to fabricate them?Alot of
> >> guys are running carb turbo,do they idle well.When boost starts isn't
> >> there a sudden spike in  manifold pressure?Doesn't this cause a problem
> >> for jetting?
> >> This one go's out to the turbo carb guys....
> >> Thanks everyone!!!
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