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Re: [turbobike] turbocharging a 1074 gsxr

Christer Johansson (christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se)
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 22:31:00 +0200

No, but I have blown 2pistons running at 8:1 compression.
Im planning on using qite high boost on the new setup ,
and dont wanna be limited to low boost settings
when driving on longer trips . This 2 setups in 1,
doesent appeal to Me , to be maximized it will reqire
2 different cam settings ,timing etc.
What ignition setting do You use?
We have 98 octane pump gas here, it would equal to about
97-96 octane over ther, it has something to do with moon and roon
octane ratings (cant remember).
We also have a fuel that consists of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.
Now thats a thought for the future!


Rick skrev:

> Have you ever detonated a set of pistons running it with stock compression??
> or did you start with low compression???
> I was just thinking what is the octain of the gas you use??
> wounder if the gas you have there is not as good as what we have here
> which isn't saying much because we have crappy gas here in california
> I think in the eastern states they have better gas.
> By the way if you need a place to ship your bike you can ship it here.......
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> > I completely agree that high cr - "low" boost would yield better throttle
> > response compared to low cr - high boost.
> > I just cant see how You get by with that combination and pump gas,
> > it is contrast to everything I have learned!
> > I guess I will have to pull out that spacerplate and see, probably would
> > grenade the pistons on startup!
> > Yes it would be great to test each others bikes!
> > I guess I will have to ship My bike over and challenge You for a match
> > race...hehehe.
> > Im glad to see that this list has woken up again , thanks for starting
> this
> > list Rick!
> >
> > Christer
> >
> > Rick skrev:
> >