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RE: [turbobike] ZX-11 turbocharged!

Astorga, Diego Marcelo (diega@eastman.com)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 17:31:15 -0400

Hi again!!!!:

Hi Bill, as you say, I'm not lookin' for an astronomical boost and an
astronomical waste of money for my pockets, understand?, currently I have
not got this number ($3000-$4000)... I'm lookin' for experience in this kind
of works, Do ya know what I mean?...
It's not a matter if I can not gain 200-250...500 HP in the rear wheel...To
begin, 150 HP or lil' less, it's Ok for me, The biggest satisfaction for me
will be plain, do, and ride my project. With the shortest investment of
money... recyclin' what I've got..., Understand?
Well, I hope you can understand my english...and understand what I wanna
do... and to finish my 1st. big project in this kind of work, I will need
all the help that everyone of you can give me.
I think that's all....

Read ya later, Dudes...

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> Diego.
> I think everyone on the list will tell you to save yourself the hassle and
> just get a Mr Turbo kit.  They come engineered with everything you need to
> get it running right, as long as you're not looking for astronomical
> levels of boost.  Figure $3000-4000 american.
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