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[turbobike] Supercharged FJ

Jon Jarosz (jjarosz@camhydro.com)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 12:35:24 -0500

I've been off the list for a week now.  I was talking to someone about a 
supercharged 76 Goldwing, but I lost your message - sorry! I'll reply here.

I plan on using the Fageol, self-lubricating unit, at around 10 psi, for 
now.  I'm going to add another head gasket, as my compression is currently 

I have a question for those out on the list - any idea what size carb I 
should use?  The bike is bored out to 1219cc's, the head's been ported & 
polished, the cams are degreed.  I do not have oversize valves.  I use Dyna 
coils, and Taylor leads.  I don't know what kind of hi-flo fuel pump I'll 
buy (probably a Pingel), but I will have one.  I was thinking maybe a 42mm? 
 Is this too small?

Jonny Nitrous