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Re: [turbobike] Turbo mounting + oil scavenging

christer johansson (christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se)
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 17:37:17 +0100

Hello all

Dave , I have no extra support for the just the exhaustheader.
How thick are the walls of Your tubing?
It sounds like the pump You got is pretty powerful.
Do not plumb the suction pump straight into the oil return !
Then You will suck the bearing dry. Use a mini oil pan.
Blocking will not cause the bearing to break, it will just blow
some oil out the sealing. it happened qite often on My old

regards / Christer

Dave Morrill skrev:

> All,
>     Tacked together my exhaust manifold yesterday on the CBR600.  The
> turbo is low and in front, about 8-9" from the exhaust ports.  I have
> been taking pics during the project and will post them when and if I get
> this thing running.
>     Are you all supporting the full weight of the turbo with the exhaust
> manifold, or have you added mounting brackets in addition to this?
>     I am planning to scavenge the oil from the turbo using a Shurflo
> pump, which will be mounted higher than the turbo.  They spec that they
> can self prime up to 6 or 9 feet or so.  My question is should I build a
> mini oil pan under the turbo, or just hook the pump up.  I'm worried
> about oil pooling in the line below the turbo and blocking fresh oil
> from coming in.  I smoked a bearing on my snowmobile turbo setup, I know
> it was oil related, so I'm being cautious.  Any suggestions?
> thanks,
>     Dave.