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[turbobike] project bike number 1

rich johnston (rjohnston@iquest.net)
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 23:54:24 -0800

First, let me introduce myself.... My name is Rich and I live in central
Indiana, USA. I'm an engineer working for a diesel engine manufacturer
developing engines for industrial equipment.  I've been lurking on the
turbo list for a while hoping to pick up tips for a project bike.  I've
had a little experience with turbocharging a Vega in the early eighties
using a kit purchased from Schwitzer.  That was fun and I've got the bug
to do it again.   I have an older 1100 Honda Saber I'm planning to
turbocharge.  I've picked up the "motorcycle turbocharging" book by Joe
Haile and it has been helpful.  It could be a little more detailed but
I'd recommend it. Myintent ios to use the bike on the street.  No plans
to take it to the strip so low end and mid-range response are more
important to me than maximum power.   The following description is my
plan and would be interested in any suggestions any of you might have.

Target HP        150-160 rear wheel hp
Carburation        Blow through CV carbs, with intercooling and water&
alcohol injection due to 10.5 compression ratio
Pressure ratio     .7
Air flow               200 cfm
Turbo                one of two depending on compressor and turbine map
performance  -IHI RHB32,  Garrett T2
Target expense        under $500 US
Completion date        July 99

I have two questions for the group
I'm looking for a very low volume source for 1.375 inch diameter mandrel
bent T304 stainless tubing, .w/ 062 wall thickness (or close) located
here in the USA.
I'm also looking for source for a turbine and compressor map for the IHI
and Garrett turbocharger listed above so I can make a decision on the

Any comments are welcome...thanks