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Tue, 15 Dec 1998 18:32:49 EST

This is the spam I am talking about
Subj:	 [turbobike] QLM for IT Reduces Cost & Guarantees Certainty of
Application Development
Date:	98-12-14 07:12:44 EST
From:	jbisaccio@cyberusa.net
Sender:	owner-turbobike@natvideo.com
To:	jbisaccio@cyberusa.net

Press Release: KSA's QLM for IT insures rapid application
development and lower expense for IT organizations.

Contact: Joe Bisaccio, VP Marketing, 1.888.597.9284 (toll free),

KSA's Quantum Leap Methodology for IT Decreases 
Development Time and Expense for Information Technology 
Development Organizations

Newton, Mass., December 9, 1998 - Kalman Saffran Associates, Inc. 
(KSA), a leading developer of state-of-the-art products and complex 
IT systems for data communications, telecommunications, financial, 
and interactive/CATV industries, today announced the availability 
of its new Quantum Leap Methodology (QLM(tm) ) for IT.  QLM for IT 
is an innovative process for information technology organizations 
looking to decrease expense and speed application development.  
Using QLM for IT, KSA increases productivity and certainty by 
pre-empting the mistakes that have historically created barriers to IT 
project success.  Successful application of QLM for IT allows upper 
management to refocus on strategic planning and IT objectives, and 
away from budget and schedule overruns.  At the same time the 
methodology sharpens an organization's focus on assessment, 
implementation, verification, customization and quantification. This 
approach allows KSA to guarantee speedy results and high quality. 

"KSA can offer two services utilizing QLM for IT," said Kalman Saffran, 
President of Kalman Saffran Associates, Inc.  "Our engineers can analyze 
your system, customize our QLM for IT methodology to your needs, and 
train your people, or we can utilize QLM for IT and provide you with the 
best design solution that is guaranteed to save you time and expense."

Since 1978, KSA has assisted the end users of computer systems and 
networks in industries such as banking, healthcare, insurance and 
manufacturing in specifying, designing, coding, testing and integrating 
cutting-edge technologies.  KSA's formula is based on a scientific 
methodology derived from best practices implemented for such industry 
leading companies as Fidelity Investments and State Street Bank, as well 
as processes used for engineering product development by such 
companies as Cisco Systems, Lucent, and Nortel.  KSA's unique 
combination of a highly developed technology coupled with its finely tuned 
knowledge-base produces optimal results for IT organizations in a broad 
set of companies.

KSA's extensive cross-industry experience and proven track record in IT 
development provides customers with the best possible solutions for their 
system designs.  Using QLM for IT methodology guarantees increased 
profitability for companies by rapidly improving outdated systems, allowing 
the use of current staff levels to handle increased information requirements, 
and upgrading customer services in a timely manner.  In addition, by having 
KSA create a more updated, powerful system design, productivity  increases.  
While keeping costs low, KSA can create a highly evolved system, or train 
a client's existing staff according to their needs, as consistent, reliable 
information systems are critical in today's competitive markets.

Pricing and Availability:

The QLM for IT offering is available starting at $20,000.  Companies 
interested in QLM for IT analysis and recommendations or learning more 
about KSA's comprehensive training program should call 1.888.597.9284

About Kalman Saffran Associates, Inc.

Established in 1978, Kalman Saffran Associates, Inc. (KSA) is a leading 
complex IT systems design and OEM product development firm that rapidly 
innovates systems and creates products for premier companies in the 
data communications, telecommunications, financial, and 
interactive/CATV industries.  To ensure success, KSA applies a proven, 
advanced engineering methodology to all projects.  KSA has a staff of 
more than 100, including engineers specializing in today's "building block" 
technologies such as OOP, CASE, SONET/SDH, ATM, xDSL, fiber optics, 
MPEG and PCI. KSA's clients include industry leaders such as AT&T, 
Lucent, Nortel, Cisco Systems, Fidelity Investments, State Street Bank, 
Bay Networks, 3COM, Scientific-Atlanta, PictureTel, Hewlett Packard, 
Alcatel, Compaq and Motorola, among many others.  For further information, 
visit KSA at

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Application Development
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