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Harri Saari (gsxr_1100@hotmail.com)
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 05:00:03 PST


Have you dynoed your motor? Do you have any cooling problems? What about 
intercooler? Other specs about 1340cc turbo.

I have 1186 turbo with 304 hv and my brother has 1340cc with no turbo 
but 215 hp. We are dreaming about turbocharcing the 1340 but heard that 
we will run to cooling problems.


>Well, the bike was tested at the dragstrip, final performance stats are 
>at over 152 mph with a sixty one inch wheelbase.
>Stock 1340cc engine with a Turbo.
>The bike wheelied the first four gears and would benefit from a longer
> The Turbo gauge indicated 12 lbs of boost.
>Idle to midrange is still a bit off, however from midrange to top end 
it seem
>s to be OK.
>Rick came out and lent a helping hand as a consultant, must have worked 
as the
>first pass was only a 13+ timed run.  Prior to the next pass Rick said 
turn up
>the fuel pressure and I also changed the final gearing as Rick said the 
>was geared way to tall.
>Well, I think the bike will run around 9.20 at 160mph when final 
swingarm and
>jetting is completed.
>Thanks again to Rick.

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