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[turbobike] (no subject)

Mon, 14 Dec 1998 01:14:04 EST

Well, the bike was tested at the dragstrip, final performance stats are 9.54
at over 152 mph with a sixty one inch wheelbase.
Stock 1340cc engine with a Turbo.
The bike wheelied the first four gears and would benefit from a longer
 The Turbo gauge indicated 12 lbs of boost.
Idle to midrange is still a bit off, however from midrange to top end it seem
s to be OK.
Rick came out and lent a helping hand as a consultant, must have worked as the
first pass was only a 13+ timed run.  Prior to the next pass Rick said turn up
the fuel pressure and I also changed the final gearing as Rick said the bike
was geared way to tall.
Well, I think the bike will run around 9.20 at 160mph when final swingarm and
jetting is completed.


Thanks again to Rick.