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Re: [turbobike] (no subject)

Wed, 9 Dec 1998 01:03:26 EST

In a message dated 98-12-08 22:02:22 EST, QUICKTURBO@aol.com writes:

<<   I wanted to say thank you to everybody that received my last message on
 list and has not responded to it.  The people on this list must seem to think
 that they are to important to answer an inquire from a person with a lowly
 draw thru carb system.
   To the one person that is willing to assist me, a big thank you to
 To the rest, go piss off eh.

Dude if I knew anything about a draw thru I would have been more then happy to
help.If you would ditch the attitude and think about it for a second the
majority of us on this list are using blow-thru either carbs or fuel
injection.I myself had probelms when I was first getting my bike going and
these guys on the list were of great help to me with numerous ideas and a
number of these ideas went a long way toward helping me figure out what was
going on.