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[turbobike] turbo gsxr

sebastian (bottlerockets@email.msn.com)
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 15:22:13 -0500

hello everyone,
I would like to get some info from other turbo gsxr owners who have a Mr.
Turbo draw thru system. The kit I just purchased came with a Mikuni HSR 42
mm carb. From speaking with other people most prefer the ss super e carb.
Now from what Ive been told from Mr.Turbo the mikuni carb offers better
transitioning thru the power band but has a smaller float bowl. The ss
suffers from poor transitioning but has a bigger float bowl. Both are good
carbs for this application but if there is someone out there who has tried
them both please let me know. I can return this carb for exchange if needed.
This bike will be seeing 20-28lbs of boost  so if either carb has a problem
with high boost fuel delivery Id like to find out before its put on the
motor. Thanks.    sebastian