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Tue, 1 Sep 1998 10:20:27 EDT

In a message dated 98-09-01 09:41:29 EDT, jjarosz@camhydro.com writes:

<< I'm interested in putting a supercharger on my FJ1200.  I want to still
 run on pump gas.  I currently have nitrous oxide on the bike.  The motor
 is done (though not heavily modified), and I know what changes will have
 to be made (ie low comp pistons, etc) when the time comes.  I also know
 that there are no kits made for my bike.  Can a Gixer 1100 supercharger
 kit be adapted?  Can I use a Mr. Turbo intake plenum and make my own
 connecter to the blower?  How much will I have to fabricate?
 Jon Jarosz 88FJ12 >>

My friend has supercharged his VMax and I must say it has been nothing but
trouble.He bought the complete set-up from the Mad Idiot (Mad Max Enterprises)
and we have had to redo EVERYTHING that that asshole has sent him.On the other
hand my homemade turbo kit for my ZX9 hasnt been that bad other then getting
the carbs right (yeah yeah guys I will have a new dyno-chart this weekend for
I think that turbo is the way to go if you are fabricating your own
system.Once we get thru with the VMax I still think that I will have more HP
on my 8lbs of boost then he will have with his 20+ lbs of boost due to the
fact that it takes horsepower to make horsepower with a supercharger.