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Turbocharged, Supercharged, and Hotrod Motorcycles: [turbobike] WORK FROM HOME!! - NO SELLING!!!!

[turbobike] WORK FROM HOME!! - NO SELLING!!!!

Fri, 21 Aug 98 16:51:55 EST

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Dear Friend,

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     Let's face it, most people go through life only dreaming about...

Being Debt FREE,
The Perfect Vacation Home,
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The Ultimate Sports Car,
Traveling The World,
Working at Home,

. Until NOW!

     Introducing the most powerful moneymaking system to ever hit the face of this planet:


     Can YOU hand out an 800 number along with your personal CODE#? If so, then you too can easily make a fortune with the Top Secrets powerful money making program.

     Here Are 4 Easy Steps for YOU to Start Cashing in Right Away:

     1.) Call the 800 number located at the end of this letter. After getting started, you'll be given a unique code number.

     2.) Simply refer others to the Top Secrets 800 number with your code number. And that's it! Your job is done! 

     3.) Top Secrets professionally trained sales staff will take over from there. They'll talk to your prospects for you. They'll mail the materials to them for you. In a nutshell, Top Secrets professional and highly knowledgeable staff will do everything necessary to show your prospects that this is the fastest, easiest, and safest way for them to cash in like never before.

     4.) And for every sale that the Top Secrets staff closes for you... YOU GET PAID A $100 COMMISSION. That's right! Top Secrets does all the work and you get paid $100 every single time - GUARANTEED! And even better, checks are paid on a weekly basis!

     It can't possibly get any easier than this:

NO Long Distance Phone Calls To Make,

NO Monthly Quotas To Meet,

NO Meetings To Attend,

NO Stocking Up On Products,

And Best of All...

ABSOLUTELY NO Selling Required From YOU!

     This is truly the first home based business that anyone can do!

     But don't take my word for it. Listen to the results that others are achieving with this powerful money making opportunity and judge for yourself.

     Provided is a list of references from various Top Secrets distributors who are currently achieving financial wealth beyond their wildest dreams. You can listen to their testimonials by calling the convenient toll FREE numbers.

Million Dollar Marketing: 1-888-446-6951
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Steve Friedman: 1-888-715-0642

     Of course, there are many others expiriencing incredible results. But the best part is...

You Can Easily Do The Exact Same - Maybe Even Better!

     Here's The Bottom Line: If you're serious about making thousands of dollars in record breaking time, I must urge you to pick up the phone and call the toll FREE number listed below. The professional and courteous staff of Top Secrets will answer all of your questions about the company, product, and the incredible pay plan!

Call Toll FREE NOW!
1- 800- 811- 2141 Code#: 52755 (8am-10pm C.S.T. Mon-Sat)

Live Operators available from 8am - 10pm (C.S.T) Monday-Saturday
will answer any questions you may have.

It's that simple!  Welcome aboard!



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